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revaluation n : a new appraisal or evaluation [syn: reappraisal, review, reassessment]

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re- + value + -ation


  1. The process of altering the relative value of a currency or other standard of exchange.
    After the new party took power, the government declared a revaluation of the currency in an attempt to limit runaway inflation.
  2. A reassessment of the value or worth of something; a reappraisal or reevaluation.
    After the soldiers raided her farm for supplies, she was forced to a revaluation of their benefit as protectors.

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Revaluation means a rise of a price of goods or products. This term is specially used as revaluation of a currency, where it means a rise of currency to the relation with a foreign currency in a fixed exchange rate. In floating exchange rate correct term would be appreciation. The antonyme of revaluation is devaluation.
Tax revaluation is the adjustment of the tax level to slow or stop the rise in tax-revenue as the price of a taxable asset increases. This is considered a fiscally conservative measure to encourage spending. One common usage is the tax revaluation of real estate property to counter a rise in land value. This way, even as property values rise (whether due to increased demand, better government services, or inflation), residents and businesses still pay the same amount of money.

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afterthought, circulation, demonetization, devaluation, developed thought, issuance, mature thought, monetization, re-examination, reappraisal, recheck, reconsideration, reinquiry, rethinking, review, revision, ripe idea, second thought, second thoughts
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